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The Champions Collection celebrates the rich history of Formula 1. Celebrating 71 glorious years in 2021, F1 contains countless stories of heroic drives, amazing races and famous cars. Drivers grab the headlines, take the wins and become legends, but all F1 fans know that without great cars to drive, these drivers would never have been able to write themselves into the history books. This is why my collection focuses on both the famous drivers and their amazing machinery.

My Champions Collection is a painted series exhibiting 34 cars driven to the F1 title by each of the World Champion drivers. Through research, I have come up with the most interesting range of F1 cars to use. F1 enthusiasts will notice each painting depicts an iconic element – from the 'ground-effects' sidepods on Alan Jones' Williams FW07B to Michael Schumacher's first championship winning Benetton, the B194. I have spent over four years painting some of the most beautiful cars ever to grace the race track. Not only have they been driven by the best drivers, but they were created by some of the most inspirational designers and engineers in the history of motorsport, including Colin Chapman, Adrian Newey and Mauro Forghieri to name a few.

Each car helped create a legend and is also legendary in its own right. These are the cars of champions – THE CHAMPIONS COLLECTION.

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